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低糖質・湘南ジャージープリン6個入り(プレーン) Low carbohydrate Shonan Jersey Pudding 6 pieces (plain) 

低糖質・湘南ジャージープリン6個入り(プレーン) Low carbohydrate Shonan Jersey Pudding 6 pieces (plain) 


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原材料名:生乳(神奈川県平塚市産)、生クリーム、卵(神奈川県二宮町産)、エリスリトール(一部に乳成分、卵含む) カラメル…エリスリトール、ラカント抽出物、コーヒー
1個当たり栄養成分(推定値) エネルギー 176.4kcal タンパク質 3.7g 脂質 16.5g 炭水化物  9.9g  糖質    2.9g  食物繊維 0g 食塩相当量 0.1g

It is an elegant and clean full-bodied pudding made mainly from the materials of the Shonan region. Fertilized eggs laid by naturally owned chickens raised in Ninomiya Town "Kokko Paradise" in Kanagawa Prefecture and freshly squeezed jersey raw milk of "Katakura Ranch" in Hiratsuka City, a little fresh cream produced only in the Nekushi area of Hokkaido is added and baked, It is an elegant pudding with richness but a gentle aftertaste.
Shonan Jersey Pudding will be a low-carbohydrate type. Although it suppresses carbohydrates, you can faintly feel the sweetness of raw milk and cream.
In order to enjoy the flavor of the material to the fullest, we do not dare to add flavors such as vanilla beans. Enjoy the original deep taste of eggs and Jersey milk.
It will be available in a box of 6 pieces.
The caramel will be served separately, and it will be caramelized off caramels that express bitterness in coffee.

Product name: Low carbohydrate Shonan Jersey Pudding
Name: Western-style confectionery
Ingredient name: raw milk (produced in Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture), fresh cream, egg (produced in Ninomiya Town, Kanagawa Prefecture), erythritol (contains some milk ingredients, eggs) Caramel ... Erythritol, Lacanto extract, coffee
Contents: 85g×6pcs
Shelf life: 4 days
Storage method: Refrigerated
Nutritional content per piece (estimate) Energy 176.4kcal Protein 3.7g Lipid 16.5g Carbohydrate 9.9g Carbohydrate 2.9g Dietary fiber 0g Salt equivalent 0.1g


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